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All-Inclusive Training

There is a common misconception that nutrition alone is fully responsible for fat gain. Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand. One is not optimal without the other. Increasing the proper hormone and muscle levels allow the body to create long term results. An increase in muscle allows your body to utilize the nutrition you put in on a daily basis. With a lack of muscle, there is a higher chance of excess nutrients that lead to the generation of body fat. In simple terms, more muscle leads to less body fat, and that is extremely valuable. A strong healthy body leads to a shield against disease and potential injury. This will increase the quality of your life in every aspect.  

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I want to lose weight, but how long does it take? I am here to help you understanding that shedding off pounds is not as hard as it seems. I took the science in nutrition and exercise to ensure that the results are just around the corner. Depending on consistency and accountability, a client can lose up to twenty pounds in just one month, and up to fifty pounds or more in the span of five months. No matter your goal, there is a fast route to a leaner and healthier you. Every strategy I will teach you is healthy, safe, and most importantly achievable.


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Muscle looks great, but its role in the human body is way beyond aesthetic benefits. Inactivity and lack of exercise after the age of 30 leads to a decrease of muscle. Studies are showing 3-5% of muscle begins to diminish each decade. At this point primary hormones such as testosterone starts to decrease leading to an increase of body fat. This is where squatting, lifting your hands above your head begins to be challenging. Increasing muscle is an increase in functional strength. This means you can maintain your favorite hobbies and activities regardless of age. Skiing at 65 might sound impossible, but believe me it is very possible.


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Carbs, proteins, fats, and micronutrients are extremely important and play a major role in the biological functions of the body. The question is what are they, what  balance is detrimental for fat loss and muscle growth, what sources have a positive effect on the body? That is what I will teach you. As a personal trainer I refuse to force you to eat foods that you can’t tolerate. I will teach the value of these nutrients, and give endless healthy options so that you can slowly learn and adapt nutrition into your life. This is sustainable because at the end YOU will have the confidence and knowledge to maintain it in your life, and spread the knowledge to others.


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When you look into the mirror what would you have changed? It might be bigger muscles, or to be fully toned. The most common response is, “I want to lose body fat”. Whether the goals are high or you just want to lose that tiny extra belly fat you cant seem to get rid of, the approach is similar. You will learn to control body fat, and will be able to manipulate it in any fashion. At this point, your mirror will become your best friend, boosting quality of life, confidence, and self-esteem.


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Easy performance tracking

Tracking is one the most important steps in beginning your journey. In order to improve a situation you must be fully aware of the process. Through this you gain the knowledge that will maintain your results. At Arete Personal Training we use a platform which allows you to see the workouts I produce in addition to videos that will help you remember exercise and form. There is also a nutritional platform at the level of MyFitnessPal. Every time you log your food and exercise, I will be notified, allowing me to see the exact food and exercise you have accomplished. This allows me to help you and fine tune your journey to excellence every step of the way.


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Heavy breathing and a pounding heart does not always feel great, especially after a couple of stairs. Exercise not only increases muscle and levels out the primary hormones for a healthy body, but it helps in all biological functions. Your heart is muscular organ, and through exercise it becomes stronger and more functional. Your circulatory system and respiratory system gradually become stronger and more efficient than ever allowing you to perform during the day without fatigue and exhaustion. In my programs you will not have to aimlessly jog on a treadmill every single day. Cardio is strategically implanted during the workout to maximize efficiency and enjoyment.