Largest Obstacle Towards Weight Loss

Weight loss can seem like an impossible task, but I promise it is not. One of the most important concepts in life is "mentality". The way we approach a task or decision plays an important role in the RESULT of that task or decision. A negative approach often leads to a negative result.

Weight Loss

DOUBT is often times the culprit in many scenarios, and in some cases can cause you to fail before you even begin. If you say, "I can't do that", then it is likely you will not because you will abandon the idea of even trying. Solution: Change your, "I cant's", into, "I can". Give everything you got even if it leads to an unhappy result. Strive to realize why your first attempt failed, and do it again until you succeed.

FEAR is a powerful concept. We are afraid to try because we are afraid to fail. Failing at trying is significantly worse than trying and failing. When we fail to try to achieve a result, nothing will change, and unhappiness is prolonged. Solution: Close your eyes and jump. Sounds corny, but it is an amazing strategy. This removes our ability to overthink and doubt.

WILL POWER is detrimental to your success. Is losing weight really a priority? If you want to lose that 10-50 pounds, what are you doing to achieve those results? Solution: Be honest with yourself. What are you doing to achieve your goal, are you giving it everything? Often times we still maintain the same lifestyle expecting a change. Adjust your spending and lifestyle to fit your goals.


Share a story of how YOU overcame obstacles :) As always, stay healthy friends!

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