Don't Get Overwhelmed

How to stay positive

I was talking to a friend from the military, and we started discussing the physical strength required for the job. Summing up the conversation it comes down to overwhelming. Losing fat and gaining muscle is overwhelming, but this applies to many portions of our life whether it be dealing with a condition, relationships, finances... etc.

The conclusion we came to

-Looking at the big picture is important, but it shouldn't dominate your thought process.

- The best way to handle overwhelming situations is to take a step back and make a plan.

- The big picture can maintain a million steps, but the process goes step by step. One action followed by another. This method is what leads to the result.

- The sad part is sometimes we let the situation dominate our mind and we don't take action, this leads to prolonged stress and anxiety as inaction fuels the circumstance.

My advice is to determine the situation, make a plan, and approach it step by step, you'll be surprised how much better the situation becomes.

Jesus Hernandez